ECE 1766 Personal Imaging and Photoquantigraphic Image Processing

Starts Wednesday September 16, 11am

GB 404 (Galbraith Building, 4th floor)

Wednesdays 11am to 1pm

Prof. Mann wearing an embodiment of his WearComp invention with EyeTap camera system built into what look like just like ordinary bifocal eyeglasses presents a lecture to his ECE1766 class of photographic cyborgs:

ECE1766 final course project of the 1998 ECE1766 class; collaborative computer-mediated reality environment:

1998 Student Graham Chubb with Reality Mediator
(each student in class had the opportunity to design and build a reality mediator like this one)

Course WWW page:
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ECE 1766 exists within the new field of Personal Imaging, at the boundary of photo-image processing, computer graphics, machine vision, and humanistic intelligence.

This course will take the student beyond traditional "classroom thinking".

To guage your preparedness for this kind of thinking, ask yourself: "do I think scientifically outside the classroom or lab?". Do you apply science to real life? ("Art, science, or technology that becomes an entity apart from everyday life is a lifeless parody of itself")

The course will be hard work but extremely rewarding, and will give you the opportunity to become one of the world's first "cyborgs", and to touch the frontier of human achievement in this new field of research (ECE1766 being the first course in the world in this new field). Thus there is a tremendous opportunity for theses, future work, and a chance to have a large impact on the world, within the context of a very rewarding learning experience.

Because of the greater opportunity for personal involvement than many other courses offer (e.g. the chance to become one of the world's first cyborgs and learn by not just doing, but "learn by being"), the course will be of lesser benefit to those who just audit, and greater benefit to those who participate fully. The "learn by being" paradigm is perhaps one of the strongest learning paradigms, beyond just "learning by doing".


Materials you should have access to:

List of topics addressed:

This is a grad course, but there are a few spots open as 4th year undergraduate electives.

This course would be particularly suited to the diverse and scientific mindset of the 4th year Eng. Sci. students.

ENG. SCI. or electrical and computer engineering UNDERGRADS:

You could be assimilated; Become the world's first "cyborgs", be a camera, and experience a new approach to intelligent signal processing and image processing.

Take a look at some related readings on WearComp, Humanistic Intelligence, and Personal Imaging:

ECE 1766 (Personal Imaging, Photoquantigraphic Image Processing, etc.)
Starts Wednesday September 16, 11am
GB 404 (Galbraith Building, 4th floor)
Wednesdays 11am to 1pm