Sean D. Tucker

Sean Tucker at Media Lab colloquium

Patty Wagstaff at Media Lab colloquium

Patty won the NATIONAL AEROBATIC CHAMPIONSHIP in 1991, 1992, and 1993, and is a good friend of Sean Tucker. The two have also flown together.

Betty Lou and I raising one of the poles

You can see the number ``2'' on her hand, indicating that we're in team 2. There are three teams, one to hold up each ribbon.

Each pole is 25 feet high; Sean first flies 5 feet off the ground at 250 miles per hour, under the ribbons, and then he loops back around and turns the plane on its side, so that the fuselage acts as the flying surface. Here he is flying on his side, cutting the ribbon, as seen by me through my visualfilter, while I am helping Betty Lou hold up one of the poles.

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Sean racing with a jet-powered dragster (Sean flying upside-down)

Betty Lou carrying one of the poles back off the runway

Poles that were used to hold up the ribbons

Low light spontaneous portraits

Sean's son At the party after the fireworks

From the air

Sean Tucker from the air Wild Wings Wild Wings