Mann's WearComps are on exhibit at the Stedelijk Museum, 1998 Nov 28 to 1999 Jan 10

Some embodiments of Prof. Steve Mann's WearComp ("wearable computer") invention from the past 20 years were presented on mannequeins throughout the museum:

The exhibit is a retrospective of past performances, such as ShootingBack, the tools of which are situated on mannequins along with some other artefacts, so that they are re-created as interactive video sculptures.

See also other exhibits of this work, such as the pieces on display in the List Center, one of which

was also used in the week long performance piece Mann did at Ars Electronica, along with his invited plenary lecture in the Ars Electronica Symposium. The performance was called "Sicherheitsglaeser", and some images can be revisited at:
Shortly afterwards, the rig traveled (on his body) back to the United States, to ISEA:

Prof. Steve Mann
University of Toronto
Department of Electrical Engineering, Room S.F. 2001,
10 King's College Road; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; M5S 3G4
Tel. 416.946-3387
Fax. 416.971-2326

See theory of darkness (an April Fool's research paper) for a humorous look at the mysterious ceiling domes of wine-dark opacity called "dark fixtures".

See for Please Wait: A parody of the time thieves (Excerpt from Prof. Mann's Keynote Address at the Virtual Reality Conference in Rio de Janiero, June 1-6, 1998), Time Crime

Other art-related research papers